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Within the real world as we know it exists “The Circuit,” a subculture peopled by those who call themselves “Travelers.” Hobos, gypsies, seekers, and searchers, they ride the back roads of life, the blue highways, congregating at The Circuit’s clandestine locations, in search of the ultimate destination, aka “El Dorado.

In the burnt out barns, abandoned train cars, and wooded clearings that make the American landscape and The Circuit’s topography, lie not only opportunities for communion and fellowship but unique, uncommon “experiences” to be had at each location.


The map to this underground world (Exhibit 1.) – also known as “The Book” – serves both as travel guide and key. Only with Book in hand is one granted access (and legitimacy) in a world where conventional currencies have become obsolete, replaced instead by food, shelter, and a trade in eavesdropped moments of reality recorded by “The Tapers.”


Vanishing Point takes its audience on a kaleidoscopic journey; tracing the tale of two “outsiders,”…regular people who obtain a copy of The Circuit’s bootlegged tome and begin to explore the pages…and places…within.


Little do protagonists Matt Gray and John Krane know that they themselves have become the topic of a popular “Taper Series” on The Circuit, eventually to the mainstream world.



Ordinary people, Matt Gray and John Krane, pick up a hitchhiker on the side of a blue highway and are unwittingly initiated into the world of The Circuit.


Matt and Krane explore their first official Circuit location, “The Archive,” a library of eavesdropped audiotapes hidden beneath a barbecue shack in rural North Carolina. Matt and Krane lose themselves in The Archive’s stacks, until they stumble upon a tape they weren’t meant to hear…


Our protagonists visit “The House”; a large Victorian estate that appears to be abandoned. Once inside, however, they are offered “Excursions”; guided adventures through imaginary landscapes, each with their own dangers and allures.


A ride aboard “The Train,” an ever changing string of moving boxcars, each a mini-location in and of itself. Part one in a two-part sequence, the adventure concludes just as Matt and Krane gain custody of a case of rare Tapes, the prized possession of Martyn, leader of The Tapers.


The conclusion of The Train episodes in which Matt and Krane find themselves at the center of a battle for ownership of Martyn’s tape case. The bidding war rages between a devoted Taper, legendary Traveler, and emissary of “The Flock”… a shadowy organization fighting to upstage the Travelers and take dominion of The Circuit.


Overwhelmed by what they’ve found, Matt and Krane take a time-out from The Circuit to visit old friends. Unfortunately, “you can’t go home again” and the attempt proves anything but the safe haven they were seeking…


Back on the road, M & K visit “The Clinic,” a psychological playground located in a deserted Federal research facility. In the process of exploring their own inner landscapes, they move one step closer in their search for Eldorado


A Vegas-style poker game where the stakes are Tapes instead of money alone!



Ride for the Mexican border with Matt and Krane as they search for “The Ruins,” a refuge for Travelers (now) on the run. Struggling to overcome the paranoia that they are being followed, the two initiates question their own desire to continue the quest…


Matt and Krane arrive at The Ruins, expecting to find freedom from their pursuers. Unfortunately, the place is no longer operated by Travelers and has been overtaken by The Flock.


Fleeing from both The Flock and themselves, Matt and Krane accidentally cause the death of one of their pursuers, sucking them further into an imbroglio from which there may be no escape. Their only hope? To find amnesty at the annual Convention of Travelers and audience with “Otis,” the author of The Book himself…


The perspective of Vanishing Point is turned on its ear when “The Narrator” whose husky female voice accompanies our adventure becomes tired of observing other people’s lives and demands one of her own…


The season finale in which all secrets are revealed and Matt and Krane come to the stunning revelation: their adventures are being recorded into a popular Taper series catalogued in The Archive. Even worse, said Tapes have been leaked to the outside world and transmuted into an equally popular mainstream series nicknamed…“Vanishing Point.”…


It started on a college radio station in Wilmington, North Carolina…a “Cable FM” signal so weak it had to be wired through a television to even be heard. Within days, however, news of the audio experiment had spread, first through underground channels and soon to “Surf 107.5,” the largest alternative station in the area. It was an unusual commodity, something they had never heard before, and after three episodes the show was thrown off the air for being “strange and intense.” Seven days later, listener demand forced it back on.

In the six months that followed, a dark horse radio quantity known as Vanishing Point was picked up by 25 stations from Arkansas to Indiana, written up in myriad magazines (Swing, Radio & Records, College Music Journal), and played continuously on Surf 107 for 26 straight weeks. Calls for tapes poured in, word spread on the Internet, and actors including Mary Stuart Masterson [Fried Green Tomatoes, Some Kind of Wonderful, Benny & Joon ], Christian Slater [Heathers, True Romance], Donal Logue [The Tao of Steve, Blade] Pat Hingle [Batman Returns, The Twilight Zone] and Sebastian Roche [Beowulf, The Man In The High Castle] made guest appearances on the show.

Eventually the upstart adventure featuring two “outsiders” who stumble across a guide to the underground world of “The Circuit” aired on National Public Radio’s “American Playhouse” and twice on Sirius/XM’s satellite “Sonic Theater.”

Most recently, an “Audiograph” of Episode #1 of the original radio broadcast entitled “Green” was animated by Brooklyn’s Paranovella Studios in preparation for a full season of thirteen.


John Hulme & Michael Wexler are the authors of five books, including Voices of The Xiled (Doubleday), Baked Potatoes (Doubleday), and The Seems Trilogy, an award-winning series of fantasy novels from Bloomsbury Children Books. They later adapted The Seems into an original screenplay for 20th Century Fox. Hulme is the director of Unknown Soldier: Searching For A Father, a feature-length documentary for HBO’S America Undercover, while Wexler recently released his fourth critically acclaimed album. Together, they have created projects for MICROSOFT, MTV, ABC, etc.

TIM NYE began his career in 1995 with the creation of SonicNet, one of the earliest music-themed websites. Investors included Prodigy, Liberty Digital and MTV. He founded Alltrue Networks in 1999, with over a million unique users a month and in 1999, opened the doors of Sunshine Theater in partnership with Landmark Theaters — becoming one of the most successful art-house theaters in the country. From 2000 til today, Nye has helmed Nyehaus Galleries in addition to writing for television, selling his first pilot to Amazon Studios. In 2016 he launched Paranovella Studios, fusing the mediums of podcasts, graphic novel and anime.

JIMMY RASKIN a Cal Arts Graduate, “Is a kind of ten-year cicada.” [ART FORUM 2004)] and is currently represented by Miguel Abreu Gallery. In concert with his published books, diagrams, sculptures and lectures (most recently at The Pompidou Center in Paris) Raskin has dabbled in brand creative direction. He is co-founder of the award-winning Indelible agency leading global brands from Botox to Playboy. Raskin and Nye first collaborated at Sunshine Digital Agency and the renowned Thread Waxing Space in the mid 1990s.



Founded by media veteran Tim Nye (Sonic Net, AllTrue, Thread Waxing Space, Sunshine Theater, Nyehaus) and creative director James Raskin, Paranovella Studios looks to the past to create the future of content for multi-platform distribution.

Paranovella Studios brings together the graphic novel, animation and old-time radio programming in an elegant hybrid-entertainment pile-up. One of the most surprising and mind-bending by-products of the digital revolution has been the rabid return to radio-style programming. Podcasts have injected new life into this stunning, nascent art form – underscoring our appetite for its astonishing storytelling abilities….Enter raucous upstart Paranovella Studios, harnessing this potential while invoking the nostalgic sensationalism of the graphic novel. Paranovella embraces the graphic novel’s capacity to visualize thoughts and actions simultaneously, suspending time in ways that are inhibited by the linear structure of cinema.