NATURE VS NURTURE tells the story of recently widowed Sam and his beloved eight-year-old prodigy daughter Alice. Emotionally stunted Alice is need of a nurturing female influence. Enter Dr. Stern, her zealous psychiatrist, who just might incite this budding serial killer to reach her chilling full potential.

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Nature V. Nurture, set in the early 90s, is not a story that will have a happy ending. No sailing into the picturesque sunset. It is the story of the Blackwell family, or what’s left of it, after Theresa Blackwell tragically plummets from the 28th story window of their Park Avenue mansion under extremely perplexing circumstances. Eight-year-old Alice witnesses the fall and the effects on her little psyche are not exactly as one would imagine. The series explores the potential for evil when extremes of nature and nurture are in merciless synchronicity. In fact, there is not much about Alice, even leading up to this tragedy, that would give our audience a great sense of confidence in her harmonious future. She began reading at two. Her gift for drawing was alarming at the age of four. And a vocabulary… Of course, at first, Theresa and Sam beamed with pride at their little genius. To say Alice entranced Sam and Theresa’s affections is like saying Jim Jones captivated the attention of his disciples.

It may seem counter-intuitive for Alice’s mother to exit in the pilot. Dr. Stern doesn’t waste a second insinuating herself in the Blackwell’s life, giving Alice boundless encouragement and support-- much like that of a mother.

Sam’s screenplays and the ensuing production becomes a manifestation of his subconscious fears about Alice’s fate over the course of the series. The more he sublimates the acts of his psychopathic daughter, the more compelling his scripts become— always with a fabulously nefarious female protagonist. Even his blackest films, The Assassin Next Door, The Talented Ms. Ripley, and Hannah Lecter don’t hold a candle to reality. We will see vignettes of his films that will give insight in to Alice’s pathologies. Each season will track two and half to three years of Alice’s life as “real” life interspersed with Sam’s “fictionalized” speculation, as the extant and the cinematic converge temporally.

The Meta reveal will be that the series is, in actual fact, the deviant imagination of a Stephen-King-like writer, who in reality has the most desperately quotidian family with an angelic daughter and loving wife.



Alice (8), isn’t one of those precocious kids, all too aware of their talents, that you just want to slap. She is far more diabolical. There has always been something emotionally dissociated about Alice. To the outside observer, her reactions to disappointing, sad or frightening events would seem staged at best; downright inappropriate at worst.


Theresa, (36), Sam's wife and Alice’s mother is a sultry-French-bitch and self-styled beauty from Marseille with acting aspirations​. ​Her volatility is fueled by her penchant for her favorite cocktail, a Vicotini, equal parts vodka and Vicodin abused, not forsaken; and, of course, her Frenchness.


Sam (38),​ ​Alice's Father and Theresa’s husband is the show’s one emotionally balanced character.​ He is ​tall, lanky and with seemingly no end to his good nature. Sam is the one sane element in a world of total anarchy. Hope you have broad shoulders Sam...

Dr. Lana Stern

Dr. Lana Stern (45, looks 30), is an uber-cougar. She gets a vicarious thrill from studying her patients’ black souls. Alice will take her to depths that she couldn’t have imagined. Stern’s role will quickly transition from psychiatrist to mentor / sociopathic guru. Their perverse relationship drives the narrative of our story.



Tim Nye

Jimmy Raskin

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