Paranovella Studio combines the graphic novel and old-time radio
programming in a uniquely animated, mind-tingling storytelling sensation...
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NATURE VS NURTURE tells the story of recently widowed Sam and his beloved eight-year-old prodigy daughter Alice. Emotionally stunted Alice is need of a nurturing female influence. Enter Dr. Stern, her zealous psychiatrist, who just might incite this budding serial killer to reach her chilling full potential.

“NATURE VS NURTURE is profoundly fascinating. With stunning art, a unique aesthetic and great storytelling it manages to make an incredibly compelling story out of the darkest subject matter you could imagine.”

- Joe Lewis, Head of Comedy, Amazon Studios


The Circuit is an exotic realm of underground destinations hidden in the burnt-out barns, abandoned train yards and secret alleyways of the American landscape. Unable to resist, Matt Gray and John Krane embark into a world filled with gypsies, hitchhikers and hoboes, all looking for the map’s mythical endpoint, El Dorado.

On a caffeine and cigarette-fueled road trip across America to reclaim a lost love, Vanishing Point author John Hulme (hulmeproductions.com) found himself in a planetarium-like lightning storm while driving through southern Utah’s “Escalante Staircase.” With nothing on the radio but old serials like “The Whistler” and “The Shadow” (‘only the shadow knows…’), Hulme himself was struck by a bolt of static electricity (literally, because that’s the kind of shit that happens to him), and the idea for a modern-day version of an old time radio drama, Vanishing Point, was born.

The show, written by Hulme and Michael Wexler (www.theseems.com) and originally produced at Southwynde Studios in Wilmington, North Carolina, consists of 13 half-hour episodes, and stars Michael Sinterniklaas (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Venture Brothers), Zach Hanner (The Patriot, Runaway Jury) and Hadley Eure (The Haunting), with guest appearances by Christian Slater, Mary Stuart Masterson, Amy Sohn, Jonathan Ames, Donal Logue, & Pat Hingle (yes, Commissioner Gordon from Batman.)

The series aired on an independent radio station in Kentucky, a prison in Sweden, and was a flagship property of the original Microsoft Network until the digital denizen pulled their $400 million investment in the genre of "online entertainment." Critically acclaimed, Vanishing Point sits poised on the edge of the open road.

Paranovella has big plans for Vanishing Point, starting with developing a visual style with the founders, Mike and John, to bring Vanishing Point’s ethereal world of sound to an equally unearthly bouquet of images– a literal visualization is not the Paranovella MO. We have the audio completed for 26 15-minute episodes ready to be "audiographed" and are jonzing to dive in.

Coming Winter 2017.



Today’s storytellers have an overwhelming arsenal at their disposal to bring their yarns to life. The recent trend of “binge watching” conjures the gluttonous consumption of toxic content that ends with a remorseful hangover, the brain ransacked by synthetic diversions. Radio shows of yesteryear—like “The Shadow” and “The Lone Ranger” expand the listener’s imagination by summoning the imagery of the creator’s soundscapes—the Ayahausca of content. “Savor watching,” doesn’t have as a nice a ring to it. Podcasts have injected new life into this stunning, nascent art form. The rabid return to radio-style programming only underscores the appetite for going back to this medium to source astonishing storytelling.

Enter raucous upstart Paranovella, a studio that detonates its pitch-black comedic brand through audio-graphic novellas we call Audiographs.



AUDIOGRAPH™ - a film constructed of still images, serenaded by animation. The over-all visual impact is a psychedelic soufflé that, if it succeeds, leaves the viewer cognitively oblivious to transition from still to moving image.



With evocative, ethereal imagery, immersive story-telling, and vivid sound-designed environments, a new storytelling animal is unleashed -- one that will challenge the elasticity of the brain or at the very least one’s sense of decorum--all this on a shoestring budget.

Paranovella creates audio-only standalone versions of its shows, while creating a filmic foil, combining still imagery and gestural animation. Paranovella embraces the graphic novel’s capacity to visualize thoughts and actions simultaneously, suspending time in ways that is inhibited by the linear structure of cinema. We are taking a microscopic look at how different media electrify the imagination, diverting neurons from each of these media to fashion a sensory celebration (overload). Sometimes we have to regress (close our eyes) to expand our minds.



Paranovella.com will house all of our shows, while distributing on all digital platforms, in some cases even including that ancient pipe called cable television. Our programming voice is created for mature (older) audiences, targeted for premium channels.



Tim Nye

Tim Nye began his career as a digital maverick in 1995 with the creation of SonicNet, one of the earliest music-themed websites. Maverick was the predecessor to Disruptor, Gen X to Millennial (show some respect, son!). Kamikaze investors in SonicNet were Prodigy, Liberty Digital and MTVi. Alltrue Networks in 1999, a precursor to YouTube, followed SN. Alltrue created comedic short videos, roping the legendary Steve-O as a content partner before Jackass launched on MTV. In the time when broadband users were an anemic couple of million, Alltrue still had over a million unique users a month. It wasn’t so much whether Nye had his finger on the pulse, but whether spermatozoa have pulses. As with SonicNet, Nye was a little before his time. Also in 1999, Nye opened the doors of Sunshine Theater in partnership with Landmark Theaters—that was timed perfectly—becoming one of the most successful art-house theaters in the country. From 2000 until today, Nye has run Nyehaus, a gallery focused on promoting the legendary light and space artists: surfers and degenerates who created sublime work, beginning in the 1960s, that attempted to capture the toxic but stunning atmospheres of Southern California. They divided their time between making art and chasing waves and skirts. Their tails of debauchery led Nye to writing a TV pilot about their 60s exploits that he sold Amazon Studios. Nye has plunged deep into writing for television with projects in various states of development. Nye is represented by CAA.

Jimmy Raskin

A Cal Arts Graduate circa 1992, James Raskin moved directly to New York City to embark on an ambitious and sporadic art career (“Raskin is a kind of ten-year cicada..” ART FORUM 2004)–currently represented by Miguel Abreu Gallery. In the midst of his published books (notably by Tim Nye and Miguel Abreu), diagrams, sculptures and lectures (most recently at the Pompidou Center in Paris), Raskin was swindled into brand creation and art direction for downtown greats such as Daryl K, Jill Platner and Sally Hershberger. From there Raskin began a parallel career in Creative Direction, co-founding the award-winning agency Indelible with Dimitri Falk from 1999-2013, working with global brands ranging from Botox to Playboy. (Note: Raskin worked with Tim Nye in the mid 90s at his Sunshine Digital Agency, while also performing ‘lecture performances’ at his infamous Thread Waxing Space).

Dimitri Falk

Dimitri has brought 15+ years of award-winning digital innovation and creative excellence for some of the world’s most prestigious brands including Estee Lauder Companies, Chanel, Sony, AOL, Sephora, along with boutique brands such as Scoop and Rich & Skinny Jeans. Recently, Dimitri re-vamped the Power Ranger franchise including shooting and directing all the key art and the overarching strategic rollout in the run-up to Lionsgate 2017 major motion picture release. He also managed and produced all of Beyonce's Parfum's social media, and currently has been tasked with creatively re-introducing the beloved fashion brand, Paul Frank, in partnership with Rachel Zoe. He is an award winning creative director with core expertise in branding, copy, broadcast/online production e-commerce, experience design, and social media. Over the past year, he has pushed the boundaries of virtual reality and 3-D scanning with the world's first VR sit-com. Dimitri is also recognized for his fashion, art and documentary photography & video.

Grier Dill

Grier Dill is a Brooklyn based animator, and special effects whiz. His skills have been viscerally implanted on the eyes of all kinds of audiences far and wide, having worked with the biggest and most cutting-edge brands creating opening sequences, animated stories and commercials. With this background in VFX he has directed films that escape the mundane and transport you to another world. He is a founder of the film collective Video Mass, which has been producing filmmaking festivals for the last four years in Brooklyn.


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