Duncan Matthews, legendary media Mogul, and our beloved hero is in a bit of a slump. He is $2.2 billion in the hole. A man whose greatest asset is not introspection, may be suffering from a tussle with reality.... Who knew “creating news” for dark goverments could be more profitable than reporting it.


MERGER is not a story of medieval monarchs conquering ancient cities, raping and pillaging their villagers, nor is it a story of arranged marriages uniting warring kingdoms. But it could be. There is bloodshed; there are damsels in distress. Our hero is legendary media mogul, Duncan Matthews. Of late, he’s in a bit of a slump – $2.2 billion in the hole, to be precise. He maintains a brave face, but things are slipping from bad to worse. Introspection is not his greatest asset, and he may be suffering from a tussle with reality. Some might even say the cuckoo has flown the clock. Every media mogul that has been in a tight spot and emerged victorious knows that you are just one deal away from righting the ship. Much to the dismay of the Doctor -- Duncan’s right-hand man, who trails behind him with the metaphorical pooper-scooper -- Duncan’s supposedly fool-proof plan to rise from the ashes hinges on arranging a merger between his daughter, Violet, and Roger Miller, his archnemesis. In Duncan’s muddled mind, this arranged marriage will unite their two empires, and they’ll all bask in the sunset. The series tracks the unexpected outcomes of Duncan’s plight, and the inverse relationship between sanity and success.




Tim Nye

Jimmy Raskin

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