A life story told in discrete, arresting snapshots of despair, resilience, creativity, and hope, Joe Andoe’s literary portrait of his time to date on earth is as powerful as a heavyweight’s hook and as spellbinding as a major crack-up on the opposite side of the highway. It is a testament to a young man’s fortitude and genius and luck that enabled him to survive a life lived wildly out of control; a rocket ride from the sordid depths of self-destruction to the glorious pinnacles of . . . Jubilee City.


Not every painter of lonely landscapes and stark, haunting creatures has a readable story to tell. But Mr. Andoe makes this book a natural offshoot of his art, combining cool understatement with brass-tacks candor. “

‘Jubilee City’ is about a kid from the edge of town and his curiosity and hunt for some kind of ideal redneck grandiosity and how he operated and got by under a law of his own,” he writes. “Mostly this book is a testament to weaving sticks and trash into something that can hang in a nice place.”




Tim Nye

Jimmy Raskin

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